Digital Business Strategy

Front & Social PR is a creative public relations and digital marketing agency based in Chicago. Our focus is set on strategic communication campaigns that embrace both traditional and digital communication aimed at supercharging your brand’s image and reach.
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WordPress Development

A website is essential to any online marketing strategy. We help design and develop awesome looking websites that are powerful marketing machines suitable for all devices.

Internet Marketing

Maximize your online presence with internet marketing tactics such as search engine optimization SEO and pay-per-click marketing. We also help you improve your website, not only for search engines but for users.

Content Strategy

We help create copy and website content that is optimized for web usage and also powerful by converting web visitors into new leads.

Public Relations

We craft powerful strategic campaigns that will amplify your brand’s message with the public through channels such as the mainstream media, the government and other advocates.

Social Media Strategy

A successful social media strategy relies on expert knowledge of the playing field and a strategic plan that combines elements of reach and engagement aimed at generating buzz.

Email Marketing

Email continues to be one of the most powerful marketing channels today. We forge strategies that can help you both obtain and harness the power of email marketing to grow sales and brand awareness.
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Learning a new skill can be daunting enough on its own. Finding someone to help you shouldn’t be! is a simple way to find local WordPress trainers, blogging coaches and SEO mentors so you can take the stress out of getting help and learn in person.
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WordPress 4.4 Responsive Images, what everyday users need to know

If you have ever tried to load a website on a mobile device with very large “high-res” images, you have probably noticed a lag in how long it took to load the page. To save bandwidth and combat long loading times, web browsers are starting to provide special tools that allow website developers specify which image to load based on the type and size of the screen. Continue Reading

Marketing a Service Organization: You’re the Wingman/woman

A marketing conversation for a service organization sounds very different from an organization that has products to sell. In my past positions, when I worked for companies that had a product to sell, I really focused on the product—how it worked, what problems it solved, and why it was better than competing products. While I can ask these same types of questions with a service organization, the focus comes back to a person. With a service organization, your customers see the person as the brand. Continue Reading

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