Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

Meet your Social Media Consultant

Expert social media strategy comes from real-world experience and continuous measurement. Our team of experienced social media consultants are veterans of the public relations and online marketing practice with experience providing social media consulting for some of Chicago’s most famous institutions.  We strive to provide our client partners with cutting-edge social media marketing rooted in external communications strategy. We’re also teachers of the craft by hosting workshops in our learning studio and at various organizations including SCORE Chicago and Next Door Chicago.

From social media brand building to online crisis communications, our social media consultants are at your ready.

Who will perform your social media consulting?

Chicago-based social media consultant and author, Scott Winterroth, is a 15-year professional of the corporate communications industry focusing on social media consulting and online marketing.  His social media consultancy is focused on a sophisticated communication strategy backed by a strong marketing return on investment.

Scott incorporates social media marketing business objectives that are sounded in brand reputation management with tactics that encourage social amplification.  Simply said, our social media consultants will professionally speak on behalf of your brand in ways that engage your audience but not embarrass your leadership team.

What to look for in a social media consultant

Experience, integrity, and results are just some of the focus points that Front & Social Chicago can bring to your online marketing and social media strategy. Our social media consultant will provide you with a custom strategy, perfectly suited for your business’ individual needs.  Our practice provides a menu of social media services from full-service social media marketing to one-on-one coaching and team training.  Regardless of your needs, we are here to help expand and grow your reach online (and offline).

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