Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy is not easy.  Most business owners and brand managers know social media marketing can be a great source of awareness and new leads. Unfortunately, like most professionals, they just do not have the time to manage and keep up with the demands of a social business, in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities.   This is where the social media pros at Front & Social can step in!

From a blank slate to amping up an existing social media marketing strategy, the Front & Social Social Media Marketing Team is ready to bring our winning expertise in crafting, managing and executing strategic social media marketing campaigns that produce terrific results.

We manage your Social Media Marketing so you can focus on what you do best.

Front & Social delivers high-performing social media marketing with measurable results. Simply said, we are experts at generating buzz online and monitoring for social intelligence. Our managed social media marketing strategies begin with two common fundamentals:

  • How can we acquire more followers for our partners?
  • How can we best engage their followers to produce the most favorable results and return on investment?

The process of acquiring and converting social media users is part of our core internet marketing strategy called the Digital Acquisition Cycle, which is proven to provide the best results possible based on the overall performance to budget.

Bottom line: We want to provide our partners with measurable results that elevate the overall footprint of their business.

The Front & Social Chicago Difference: Social Media Marketing

Competitive Edge through teaching:

As thought-leaders of our field, we are part of the social media marketing revolution and provide smart strategies to our partners.  Not only are we doers, but we are also teachers, assisting others in learning our craft.

Strategic Messaging:

Social Media Marketing is more than just posting “stuff” to various social media outlets. Truthfully, anyone with a computer can do that.  When you work with the Front & Social team, we provide our partners with more than just content. We craft messaging that is aimed at producing stronger results and pushing harder to convert your followers into advocates. We put Marketing into social media marketing.

No project too small (but maybe too large?)

Front & Social Chicago is a boutique social media marketing firm working with select partners – ones that seem like a great fit and possibly draw a mutual benefit.  We are not a one-size-fits-all firm.  Every partner receives a hand-crafted social media marketing strategy and dedicated attention from our top-level executives. Our team consists of experienced corporate communications professionals who have worked for some of Chicago’s most iconic brands.

Can we bring this expertise to your brand’s social media marketing?  Contact us to start the conversation.