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Blogging is a great way to generate traffic and publicity for your business but there’s a science to it. You don’t want to use your blog in the wrong ways and you really don’t want to waste your time not generating the right type of traffic – ultimately the ones who are going want to buy something. If you’re willing to invest the time needed to blog, then be sure you’re blogging with the intent to sell.

In this post, there are four types of blog posts that are common in business blogs. We’ve outlined the type of traffic you might receive based on the topic and whether or not the readers are readied to buy your products or services.  Additionally, we look at each type from both a public relations and a strategic search (SEO) standpoint for additional insight from these business practices.

Use this to assess whether the blog posts you’re crafting are right for your business’ blog.

Controversial Blog Posts:

Likely to be shared, but often risky business.

Examples: Talking about a controversial construction project near your business’ site. Political matters etc.

– Your PR Consultant would say: don’t do it or let’s not insert ourselves into it.
– Your SEO Consultant would say: It’s probably going to go viral, with a lot of back links to your site. Go for it!

Blogging to Sell standpoint:

Will it drive traffic to your website: YES
Is traffic quality in terms of readied buyers: 30% – low

Bottom Line: This is like throwing gasoline on the fire. You might get a jump in visitor traffic but they’re probably not customers interested in actually buy something. There are sometimes a need to use controversial blog posts but use wisely and only under the consultation of a professional.

How To Blog Posts:

Likely to be shared, often good for selling products or services. If unsaturated market.

– Your PR consultant would: Agree, it’s good for press relations, especially if the product is one of your own.
– Your SEO consultant would say: Has a good opportunity for search engine optimization
– Your marketing consultant would say: Great, further ability to sell more product because people like to research products online before they buy and we can offer a promo code at the end of the post.

Example: A how-to demonstration post for a new product that your company provides or a how-to post about a topic for which your company provides a service.

Blogging to Sell standpoint:

Will it drive traffic to your website: YES
Is the traffic quality in terms of readied buyers: 70%

Bottom Line: If visitors to your site are looking for a how-to, they’re seeking to solve a question and you, hopefully, have the answer. They have a need and your product or service might just be that answer their need. The probability of them wanting to buy something – because of a need – it high therefore it’s time to sell something!

PR News Posts: (Press Release)

Depends how “newsy” the featured news is but essential for generating the buzz. If press and other bloggers write about your business because of this blog post then it’s priceless.

– Your PR consultant would: Agree, good exposure for potential media coverage, community relations but would urge that only expect results if the news your posting is actually worthy of news coverage.
– You SEO consultant would say: Good content that could drive traffic and manage to own particular keywords. If journalists and other bloggers write about your release and link back to your site, huge SEO bonus.
– Your marketing consultant would (in a perfect world) side with the PR consultant.

Example: Your company is releasing a new product or service or you’re employees are participating in a local community good will initiative.

Blogging to Sell standpoint:

Will it drive traffic: Yes – mediocre
Will it drive sales ready traffic- mediocre (maybe not by your post but by others who wrote about your topic)

Bottom line: Press releases and public relations practice are changing but the principles of generating news and publicity for your business are still sound practices. You may not get a ton of traction off of the actually press release post but if it generates articles on your topic, you’re going to see an increase in inbound traffic to your blog with a greater sense of awareness for your business/product/services.

Case Studies as blog posts:

Client case studies are a great way to build momentum for your products and services. Since we’re in a research driven society, consumers tend to seek posts like this to help them make a educated decision before they make a purchase.

– Your PR consultant would say: Good idea, as long as we have consent from the client. Could be done in tandem with a press release.
– Your SEO consultant would say: Good, but let’s make sure we optimize the content so it’s search engine friendly.
– Your marketing consultant would say: Make sure the blog post has opportunities to sell. Big links to “buy now” or download products.

Example: Your client is super happy with your services and have seen exponential growth with using your system. Craft a post that explains how your products and services launched this client’s project and share testimonials, photo and other feel good materials that might attract other potential buyers.

Blogging to Sell standpoint:

Will it drive traffic: Maybe – low if not SEO optimized
Will it drive sales ready traffic: Moderate

Bottom line: Case Studies are a great way to market your business. Keep them short and to the point but provide avenues where your prospect readers have the opportunity to learn even more about you – your business – and have them download additional white papers or ebooks to build retention. Better, have a shopping cart ready to sell them products and services right away. This is an opportunity to share this type of post with your existing followings – Social, Email etc.