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I’ve spent the last several years creating some of Chicago’s coolest new blogs and consulting some really awesome blog startups. Through these blogs I’ve noticed that getting starting a new blog or niche publication can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming if you fail to plan.  It never fails, once my client bloggers start actually managing the day-to-day operations of the blog, they almost always come back to me with:

“I had no idea it was going to be this much work!”

Running a successful blog is a lot of work but rewarding. Often probloggers find it more “self-fulfilling” before it’s monetary rewarding. but like any entrepreneurial pursuit, there’s always the pursuit of funding.  Whether it’s external funding or revenue generating, a successful blog project often requires more than just one person to achieve the next level of success.

From hosting fees, to writers, designers and blog developers, most blogs need to be at least self-sustaining when it comes to operating expenses. In order to hire quality writers, bloggers and designers, there needs to be a plan to generate income on some line of the balance sheet.

Therefore, being prepared can help you save money on your blog startup and start seeking those revenue generating opportunities.

Getting into the Blogging Business

Here’s a presentation I’ve prepared regarding crafting a blog business plan.  Because before you post, you should have a contingency plan on how that post is going to – essentially – pay for itself.