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Social network platform Facebook announced the unveiling of a new service that would allow companies to create internal, mini social networks for employees to engage in job-related communication.

Dubbed Facebook at Work, the primary feature allows users to create a work account that is accessible via their personal Facebook account but limited to interaction with co-workers and company related data.  Users will be able to switch to both their personal and their “work” account using the same username and password.

Employers will have control over employee information such as names, titles and other job related details and information posted to a work account, which may not be accessible via a personal Facebook page.

Facebook at Work could be attractive to some businesses

While the concept of internal social networks is nothing new, experts are citing that Facebook – with its large existing user base and overall popularity among social networks – has the potential to be attractive to organizations looking for communication and collaboration tools.  Especially for a smaller organization that maybe does not have in-house IT solutions.

Critics argue that internal business information may not be secure with a company that specializes in data mining.

What’s in it for Facebook?  More Marketshare

Facebook’s move further into the corporate space could also become a potential big win for the social network.  As it continues to reach farther into the business space, they’re likely seeking to reach new demographics and make gains in the business community market share from rival social network LinkedIn.  Additionally, this move will likely be coupled with usage fees that will help grow overall revenue for the publicly-traded company.

Facebook at Work is currently available to a small test segment, which is invitation-only.