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Are you thinking of hiring a WordPress Developer for your business website?

If ready, this post is for you. We are going to relate some key criteria designed for checking the eligibility and professionalism of the WordPress developer. If your developer meets the criteria, keep on working with it. Otherwise, you are in desperate need of replacing that digital quack with a professional developer.

WordPress has emerged as one of the leading platforms used for making professional websites. Although there are myriad sites that claim to provide you with the best WordPress developers, most of the time, they are mere claims that they make for projects and undercut their opponents.

Accordingly, it indicates that finding a high-point and expert WordPress developer is a daunting and grueling task. However, it’s not impossible at all. A lot of companies and platforms have adopted specific measures for hiring highly trained and professional developers that could serve you conveniently.

Before we move to the details of criteria for choosing a suitable developer, let us make it clear why you need a professional WordPress developer;

Why do you need a Professional WordPress Developer?

The landscape of digital modernization is evolving promptly, and now it is not possible to build a business empire without mainstreaming of digital branding of your services and products. Thus, there will be no better option other than having a dynamic website that could better narrate your services and products.

For this purpose, you need a professional WordPress developer that could prudently design the layout of your business website and make it appealing for the visitors. Remember, your website can bring you a lot of potential customers if made considering the nature of the visitors’ services and convenience.

So, you cannot take the chance of hiring a non-professional developer, as it will bring nothing to your business other than a burden on your pocket.

Now, let us see the criteria designed for hiring a WordPress developer;

Criteria for hiring a WordPress Developer

Among a lot of criteria, here are some of the most important;

#1. Ask the developer for skillset apart from WordPress:

WordPress was made for the people who wanted to make their website on their own. Now, with persistent improvements and mainstreaming of new functionalities, WordPress requires no less than a professional developer.

To facilitate people, WordPress allows developers to use free and paid themes. However, the developer still comes across the need for coding on its own, and it will not be possible unless the developer is adept in languages.

Apart from this, building a website requires a developer that is an expert in web hosting, Photoshop, UX/UI design knowledge, and editing images with fireworks.

Therefore, asking for expertise other than WordPress is necessary. Else, you might need to hire different people for different tasks.

#2. Request a Portfolio or sample of WordPress Work

It is simply not possible that a developer claims to be professional without a portfolio of completed projects. So, if you want to get your brand publicized through your site, you cannot risk hiring a fresh developer with no experience, and the best way of checking its expertise is to ask for a portfolio.

If that developer provides you with a portfolio, check the work, and then make a decision if you like it.

#3. Rapid Response Time:

It is quite possible that the developer you hire for the development of your WordPress site is engaged in multiple projects and does not promptly respond to your calls and emails. So, there comes a communicational gap that can severely damage your interest.

The best solution to this problem is to consult a professional company that has a number of skillful developers, for the building of your WordPress site. This way, the company will personally look after your project, and you will have each and every criterion met decently.

#4. Thoroughly familiar with the Updates of WordPress:

Even though WordPress offers developers to use paid and free themes, using these themes conveniently is not possible without a proper understanding of all major aspects of the WordPress platform.

Developers should be well-familiar with the Plugin system of WordPress and its security. All the above-described criteria are important to consider as they determine the worth of your website.

How Do We Help You?

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