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Kick-off your holiday themed newsletters with these 10 simple tips!

1. Prepare a Holiday Newsletter Schedule

Don’t let your marketing fall behind, prepare a holiday strategy and mark all of the significant holiday shopping dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weekends prior to December 25. Preparing content for these busy times will help ensure your blog will be updated as the shopping season progresses.

2. Write with the spirit of the season

Posting holiday content when stressed can sometimes not put the writer in ‘Tis the Season. Rely on all of those wonderful holiday memories from years past and start writing as if you’re wrapping presents and sharing hot cocoa.  (But don’t over do it)

3. Don’t just focus on Christmas

Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and Halloween can also be great times for a boost in online sales, think of ways your business can profit from these other winter holidays.

4. Prepare gift giving guides

Guides and holiday shopping tips are always well received by readers and can provide engaging content for readers to share via social networks and email.

5. Five Golden Rings!

The holiday season brings holiday music that many love and cherish. If you’re a retailer, share in your newsletter your in store holiday playlist or let readers select a playlist you can play to your employees. You can never have enough of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer!

6. Engage your readers and customers

Customers can be a wealth of great stories of holiday traditions gone past. Think of all of the amazing stories of families going downtown to see all of the Christmas lights and greetings with Santa. See if your business can harness stories like these or think about how you can start providing opportunities for customers to make new memories.

7. Help a holiday blogger

You’re not the only holiday blogger, find other bloggers and see how you can maybe help them increase their readership. One link from your website can go a long way for a independent blogger!

8. Prepare in-store signage and promote your signup list

For businesses with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, think about how you can integrate your marketing instore. Refer your customers to your blog at point-of-sale or print a link to your holiday blog in your weekly circular.

9. Share company and/or employee traditions through your newsletter

Your employees are a wealth of holiday cheer and probably have many memories they can share about working the holiday season. Also, don’t forget to post photos of your Company’s holiday party online. (The PG rated ones)

10. Build momentum with Countdowns

Countdown clocks are great for two things: 1. Entice readers to buy 2. Help ring-in the new year. Use these visuals to help persuade your readers to buy now.