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The success of a newsletter campaign, lies in the consistency and frequency of the sender. In the busy world we live in, staying on task can often be difficult. With these five simple steps, readers will learn how to stay on track with creating content and receive a few tips to retain consistency in their email marketing strategy.

5 Tips for Keeping a Consistent Email Marketing Schedule:

1. Create a content calendar

Don’t let your email marketing fall behind.  Set up a weekly, monthly and/or quarterly schedule with topic ideas and potential content for your newsletter.   Use Google Calendar, or a similar program, where you can set up nagging reminders to stay on task.

Additionally, think about the seasons and holidays. There is almost always something coming up such as a holiday, a major sporting event or back-to-school.  Think about to harness these annual events and prepare relevant content readers will relate with.

2. Make your newsletter a starting point in your digital strategy

Think of the content portion of your digital marketing strategy in two categories:  Sources and Syndicates 

Sources:  In most cases, your “sources” would be your website, blog and your email newsletter – where your content first appears on the internet and ultimately where the “source” resides.

Syndicates: Are where you push content out such as social networks.

Often times, marketers use email marketing as a syndicate but campaigns are more likely to become successful when they are a source with unique content of their own.

3. Avoid “skipping”

If you find yourself missing a pre-planned newsletter, don’t skip it.  Skipping can completly turn a good plan into a “nothing” plan.  If you miss one, keep it on the calendar but reschedule it.  This way, you’re certain to maintain some type of continuity.

4. Embrace the tools that make it easy.

There’s a stigma that one may only use one email marketing program.  That’s silly.  I can guess most of you all use multiple social networks. Right! It’s easy to import/export lists and you should always be willing to try something new!  It can help spark fresh ideas and maybe even save you some time.   I recommend trying this new email marketing program called expresspigeon.com.

5. Make it fun!

Depending on your business and your goals, all of your newsletter don’t have to be content heavy. Simply send a cool photo or share maybe an awesome recipe.  Don’t forget, the holidays are coming so think about how your business can go green with an electronic holiday card.


Scott Winterroth practices digital marketing in Chicago and can be found on Google+ and on Twitter.