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Over the last week, think about where you consumed the information you care about the most.

You probably signed on to Facebook to realize you almost forgot your friend’s birthday. You went ahead and posted a birthday greeting with a link to their favorite music video.

You maybe read a tweet on your way to work from someone you follow half-way around the world talking about a new internet startup, being created right in your hometown. You think this new startup is going to be a great new way to organize your schedule.

Heck, maybe when you started checking your emails when you arrived at work, a Google Alert picked up a mention of your business in a hot new independent blog that’s driving a ton of new traffic to your company’s website!

In the digital world we live in, these are the very reason why we love the internet. It allows us to connect, and stay connected, with the things we love (or need to love) the most.

I’m afraid to say, the internet as we know is in much jeopardy.

Brewing right now and up for a vote on January 25, the U.S. Congress is poised to pass new legislation aimed at giving copyright holders stronger, more vigilantly type protection against their brands by cutting off advertising funds, shutting down and suing independent blogs, social networks or any type of internet website that can some how, loosely violate “copyrights”.

SOPA and PIPA are aimed at shutting down entire U.S. web networks – even if they simply link to a violating website.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

My ask to you:

Educate yourself on the implications of these two bills. How will they affect you, your daily life and possibly your rights.  Contact your representatives in Congress and voice your opinion.

Some resources: 


Lastly, I encourage you to help get the word out and share this post with people who care about the internet and free speech.