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Here at Front & Social Chicago, we have had to make some tough decisions.  Over the last several years, we were “bananas” over one particular email marking program.  Well maybe not in love with this program but to the point where we were able to take a blind eye at their problems and forge client products that maybe – at an email marketing agency – we were semi-happy with the end product.

We’ve changed our primary email marketing program for the better.  Here’s why:  

It was a couple of months ago, during a session of our Chicago Email Marketing Meetup, I was introduced to the founder and creator of a brand new email marketing program being developed right here in Chicago.

At first, while we were talking, I was silently thinking to myself.  There’s no way I’m changing email marketing services.  The idea of learning a new workflow was not something I wanted my team to have to undergo.

Thankfully, the founder remained persistant that I at least give it a try. I mean it was free to signup. What did I have to lose!

This is when I realized we – as a team – we had to stop monkeying around!  We had built to comfortable of an email marketing workflow and had become too stubborn with our ways.  It was apparent, we had to change our attitude as this is not a state-of-being we should hold if we wish to remain competitive.

I realized, we had to lose our existing email marketing service for the new Express Pigeon Email Marketing. 

Express Pigeon’s state-of-the-art visual editor and powerful analytics will help save us time creating emails and allow us to be more flexible with our client’s email marketing newsletters so they can better reflect the individual personalities of each business.

Our goal is to innovate, provide the best service to our customers and always stay on the leading edge. With Express Pigeon, we feel this is a product that will help us retain that competitive edge and continue as a leader of digital marketing in Chicago.