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When to pick the Blog vs Newswire Services

There’s obviously a difference in the public relations world when it comes to writing a blog post versus content prepared for a wire service but in the SEO digital world, the similarities blur when analyzed from a content marketing standpoint. In this post, I’ll dissect when it’s best to use the corporate blogs or when… Continue Reading

Google+ brand profiles, yet another.

In the world of WordPress, we have a saying for multiple plugins that do the same thing.  They unofficially can claim the title “Yet Another”.  For example, there are several ways to create a contact form plugin for a WordPress blog but ultimately, in some form or fashion, they really do the same thing.  For… Continue Reading

Daily Herald to readers, pay up!

The largest suburban Chicago newspaper announced that it’s moving to an online paid subscription-based content model. As WordPress continues to evolve the online publishing arena, is it – at the same time – contributing to the further demise of traditional print media? Can WordPress publishers see this an opportunity to further explore paid content options… Continue Reading

The Case for [INFOGRAPHIC]s

Infographics are GREAT Infographics, or information graphics, are nothing new. For years, society has harnessed the power of visual representation to logically interpret cause-and-effect through diagrams, timelines and flow charts. From newspapers and magazines to city maps, scholarly work and textbooks, infographics in many ways are a staple in modern communication practice. In traditional public… Continue Reading

What is WordPress?

I recently had the honor to speak on WordPress for Public Relations to the Chicago WordPress Meetup Group. While I was semi-prepared for a crowd with multiple levels of WordPress and PR experience, I realized the importance of explaining some of the fundamental basics of WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is an opensoure content management… Continue Reading

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