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Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers.

The “gatekeeper” model worked for decades, especially for the business of news reporting. In the 20th-century journalists and media outlets, in general, were very trustworthy. A positive story, or even mention, on the 10 p.m. news was extremely more valuable – and trustworthy – than a 30-second commercial. Before the Web and mobile devices, Continue Reading

When to pick the Blog vs Newswire Services

There’s obviously a difference in the public relations world when it comes to writing a blog post versus content prepared for a wire service but in the SEO digital world, the similarities blur when analyzed from a content marketing standpoint. In this post, I’ll dissect when it’s best to use the corporate blogs or when… Continue Reading

Google+ brand profiles, yet another.

In the world of WordPress, we have a saying for multiple plugins that do the same thing.  They unofficially can claim the title “Yet Another”.  For example, there are several ways to create a contact form plugin for a WordPress blog but ultimately, in some form or fashion, they really do the same thing.  For… Continue Reading

The Case for [INFOGRAPHIC]s

Infographics are GREAT Infographics, or information graphics, are nothing new. For years, society has harnessed the power of visual representation to logically interpret cause-and-effect through diagrams, timelines and flow charts. From newspapers and magazines to city maps, scholarly work and textbooks, infographics in many ways are a staple in modern communication practice. In traditional public… Continue Reading

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