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In the world of WordPress, we have a saying for multiple plugins that do the same thing.  They unofficially can claim the title “Yet Another”.  For example, there are several ways to create a contact form plugin for a WordPress blog but ultimately, in some form or fashion, they really do the same thing.  For example, one of the most popular related post plugin is called, “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”.  It allow for bloggers to display a list of related posts on their site.  There are many other plugins that do the same thing either in the same way or in their own fashion.

To my point, with Google poised to release their official brand pages for their new Google+ social platform, the idea of “Yet Another” comes to mind with, you guessed it, yet another fan page to manage.  Now, why is this relevant for WordPress for public relations?

WordPress can, and in my opinion should be, the hub for your social activity.  Google+ provides yet another way to share your brands content with the idea that users will follow the link, or click, back to your domain.  Where they will then have the opportunity to follow, or join, your brand’s other digital marketing strategies.

For example, let’s say we publish an awesome new press release on our company’s new widget product. Will post our press release to our WordPress site in either in its existing form as a release or as a blog or news style post.  Now, we can then distribute, or syndicate, that post to our followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google Plus.  Ultimiatly, this WordPress to social workflow is the driver for a digital marketing and search engine strategy. The benefit is, that if you use these social networks to drive traffic to your digital web property, you’ll gain more awareness for your brand and helping with valuable SEO tactics.

So, when it comes to yet another social profile, I say bring it on. It’s just another way to help build upon your website’s digital strategy.